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Amazon happens to be one of the largest businesses in the world. Founded only in 1994, the online store for purchasing almost any product has grown rapidly in the last two decades. Today, the company has more than $136 billion in revenue each year. One of its most successful programs happens to be the Amazon affiliates, which was launched in 1996.

The affiliates program can be used to help drive Internet marketing revenue through the sales of several thousand products on the store. After starting out as an online bookstore, Amazon today provides everything from food to consumer electronics. There are also Amazon-branded products which are well received in the market.

Offers from Amazon

The Amazon associates program is the affiliate program offered by the company and online marketers can earn up to 15% in terms of referral fees. Like many other affiliate programs, Amazon has a different structure for different product categories. Some of the categories like video games and televisions have the lowest fee structure with marketers earning only up to 2% of the product value. However, this can go as high as 10% in the case of fashion apparels. Besides, there are also special fees available for referring a customer to an Amazon program like Prime services.

How to Start and Earn with Amazon

The process of starting to earn as a marketer with Amazon does not take more than a few minutes. There are well laid out instructions that will guide newcomers while registering with the associates program. Marketers get an opportunity to use multiple channels in order to promote the Amazon products; they include the likes of product links and banners. These options can be used to promote any product on the Amazon site. They have been designed in such a way as to provide higher conversion rates through attractive and flexible options.

Marketers have the opportunity to choose from a number of banners shapes and sizes, while the availability of seasonal promotion offers is also covered through special means. Keeping in touch with the latest trends, Amazon associates offer the opportunity for promotion event through social media. The earnings summary page makes it easy to track all the commissions under one roof.

Advantages of Signing up with Amazon Associates

There are many benefits to signing up with Amazon Associates. Apart from being one of the oldest such programs on the Internet today, it also manages to stand out with:

High earning potential – Even though the range of commissions is between 1 to 10% for most of the products when a marketer is just new, it can still translate into a huge compensation given that value of the products generally run in the region of $50-$100.

Earning even on vacation – A great source of passive income, Amazon Associates can provide returns even when the marketer is on a vacation.

Trustworthy – As one of the largest businesses in the world, Amazon is a trusted name. This applies to the associates program too.

Target Audience of Amazon Associates

Every customer of Amazon happens to be a target of the Amazon Associates program. Even if they have not purchased previously from Amazon, the information being available in front of the consumers can be a significant pull. Since Amazon ships most of the products around the world, the consumer’s location does not make a huge difference.

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