About Agoda

Agoda is one of the popular online travel aggregators. The company was founded in 2005 and it has gone to the extent of the operational in 28 countries in these 12 years. The presence of a huge number of hotels without much organisation led to the growth of online travel aggregators, who helped find the best value deals without much of an effort.

The popularity of these aggregators have led to users finding cheaper fares – in terms of travel and accommodation. Aside from helping users in this means, Agoda also has an affiliate program that tends to be extremely popular amongst Internet marketers.

What Are the Services and Goods Offered By Agoda?

Agoda covers three major elements of travel – hotels, homes, and flights. One can even go as far as finding unique elements like resource, vacation rentals, and much more. Since the accommodations can be purchased in any destination across the world there is a comprehensive search tool, which is designed to understand the need of the user using a series of filters and sort tools. A comprehensive set of data is available at the disposal of user in order to sort out hotels by their star rating or price.

Earning Money with Agoda’s Affiliate Program

Internet marketers will be able to sign up with Agoda affiliate program so as to make money by driving traffic to the advertiser. As part of the program, the marketers will be able to make a remarkable 60% as commissions.

There is a huge assortment of tools that are useful in driving traffic, while plenty of data is also available in the account management section. They will be able to provide free and detailed reports, which can be available in as many as 38 languages. Since there are more than 15 million properties around the world in the inventory, it ensures coverage from Agoda for travellers to most parts of the world. The affiliate program is also extremely simple to set up and start conversions.

Why Is It Profitable to Sign up with Agoda Affiliates?

The biggest advantage with regard to Agoda affiliates is the best price guarantee, which will provide a refund of the bill amount. Agoda also satisfies its customers through a 24 x 7 support system and the availability of more than 15 million reviews. As a result, the site will be able to offer a better understanding of a particular destination before the user goes to book their stay. The marketer will be able to provide access to a service that offers a best price guarantee. If a consumer is able to provide proof of a lower price, Agoda will refund the difference. Since it also manages to provide some of the lowest prices for travel, it will act as a significant value addition to the marketer’s services.

Who Is a Consumer of Agoda’s Services?

Since Agoda covers properties around the world, it manages to attract a global audience. Recognising this need, Agoda has offices in more than 25 countries and serves its customers in 40 different languages. Agoda also manages to have various types of booking options for seaside resorts, homestays, hotels, lodging, and the rest houses. These make it appealing in the eyes of a wider class of audience, while combining the same with flight bookings is also a reason for its popularity.

Agoda Offers
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