About Alibaba

Alibaba is an online market place where you will find quality suppliers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, buyers, and trade leads. It is considered one of the most valuable online retailer, with millions of trades taking place daily. Alibaba has an affiliate program in place, where you get to earn a commission for driving traffic to Alibaba’s site and promoting its products.

It is an opportunity with high potential, considering that you can earn commissions of up to $7 per lead! If you are searching for another income stream, then here’s a solution: join Alibaba affiliates and monetize your blog by promoting product and driving traffic to Alibaba site. You will earn a commission for every sale generated from your affiliate links.

Alibaba Products

Since it’s launch in 1999, Alibaba has grown exponentially to become a leading international trade marketplace, providing services to importers and exporters. Their product listing has over 360 million properties, and these include machinery, apparel, automobiles, constructions, consumer electronics, among many more. All you have to do is determine what interests you and focus your affiliate advertising drive on that niche. There are virtually all products available on Alibaba, and you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting products to promote on your website.

Earning with Alibaba Affiliates

To earn commission as an affiliate of Alibaba, you need to apply to get in. Once approved, you will generate affiliate links, banners, and other creatives to push your marketing. For every lead sale, you earn a commission, with some products giving up to 7% commission! You’ll also have access to a personal dashboard to help you review your affiliate performance metric, and determine how best to improve your affiliate campaigns. This will help you earn more commissions.

Why is Partnering with Alibaba Profitable?

Alibaba affiliate program is ideally the best solution for online businesses dealing in machinery, vehicles and bikes, apparel, and other niche products. You can make as much as 7% commission from sales generated from your affiliate links. Moreover, Alibaba offers its affiliates a competitive CPA with millions of products listed there.

The more product available within your niche, the more chances for you to make a sale and earn a commission, and considering that Alibaba has millions of products available, you will be on course to minting money from the affiliate program. Alibaba also has a dedicated team of support staff, which will always be available to support your needs. It is a good move to sign up for Alibaba affiliates to monetize your website, and increase revenues for your online business.

Target Audience

Alibaba is a global marketplace linking manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and importers, wholesalers etc. Therefore, if your business deals in any of these areas, you might consider targeting customers looking to import products directly from manufactures, and you can use your website to link the two parties, thereby making a commission of the sales close successfully. It is all a matter of knowing the interests and needs of your customers, and you’ll be able to identify the best strategy to work with in your affiliate marketing ventures once you sign up with Alibaba affiliates.