About Athleta

The Athleta affiliate program guides your patrons to Athleta.gap.com, where they can purchase quality athletic apparel for women. These stylish pieces are both functional and flattering, allowing wearers to look good while working hard to feel even better. 
This program is geared towards athletic women of all skill levels in the market for performance clothing to wear during workouts.

Athleta Affiliate Program Benefits

• Commissionable Capris – Earn commissions on sales at Athleta.gap.com
• Inspiring Creative – Banners featuring athletes in action wearing popular Athleta gear
• Icy Water – Both jackets and swimwear sold, making them a viable marketing option all year long
How Can You Benefit From This Program?
Women who want to feel confident in their workout clothing already know to shop at Athleta.gap.com. By promoting the Athleta affiliate program on your landing page, you’ll be granting customers the ability to accentuate their workout wardrobe with items in a variety of designs and colors, from monotone to boldly patterned. What’s more, as a Gap Inc. brand, quality and affordability is never in question.
Slim to All
There’s no need to feel self-conscious when browsing Athleta’s inventory. The retailer stocks garments in sizes ranging from slim to plus, so women of any shape can get in the shape they so desire.