About AWeber

Aweber is an online email marketing platform that enables small businesses to create and send the kind of emails that people love, which helps those businesses to connect with their clients in effective ways that can only lead to growth of business. Aweber came to the scene in late 1998, and has since then grown into an established brand that helps both individuals and businesses find success with emails.

Aweber Affiliate Offers

Now Aweber is interested in letting you earn a percentage of its profits, merely by sending traffic to Aweber official web page, thereby increasing their sales. The Aweber affiliate program is designed to offer web owners an amazing opportunity to earn extra income through promotional efforts. What happens with this program is that as an affiliate, you get to earn about 30% in commission from all sales done by the referrals you send Aweber’s way.

How To Start And Earn With Aweber

Making money with affiliate marketing has never been this easy. You are paid up to 30% in commission for promoting Aweber services to your blog’s audience. How it works is simple. First you sign up to be an affiliate of Aweber, and after approval, you will be given a custom URL that should be promoted to your blog’s audience. When your blog visitors follow the link, Aweber will immediately know the referral was from your site, and if they end up making any purchases, Aweber will pay you a commission for initiating that sale by referring the user to their site.

The URL is unique to your affiliate account, and when your blog’s visitors access that URL, they will be taken straight to Aweber’s site to see the offers there. If any of your referrals subscribes for Aweber services, you will earn a commission from the payment of that subscription, all 30% of it.

What Are The Advantages of Signing Up With Aweber Affiliate Program?

Aweber gives you the opportunity to monetize your website, and the commission rate is 30%! Now, if that is not a major advantage to you, what is? Moreover, Aweber has a team of dedicated support staff to ensure that your experience as an affiliate marketer will be easy and smooth. They will show you how to embed the affiliatae URL on to your site and how best to promote it. Another thing is that the commissions are recurring, meaning that each time your referral renews their subscription, your 30% cut will be sent accordingly. As long as your referrals maintain their relationship with Aweber, you will be earning commission from the relationship.

Who Would You Target?

Email marketing has become an important tool for driving sales up and many business are looking for the right way to send emails and connect with their customers. You can promote Aweber services to such businesses because they need the email services, and you could realize significant conversion rates to earn you quite a lot of money. Sign up today and join Aweber affiliate program to monetize your website.