About Bazista

Bazista is an E-commerce platform which uses decentralized money to lower the barriers of online trading for any person in the world.
Growing penetration of financial services around the globe, control over the financial streams is still concentrated in the hands of the few, while over 2,5 billion people globally are still unbanked and excluded from global financial processes. 
Decentralized money was created as an alternative to classic financial instruments and appeared to be a great answer to modern limitations. But the initial idea didn’t quite achieve it’s potential, becoming the object of extreme speculation instead.
In fact only 3 out of 500 top online retailers accept digital assets as payment method, while exchange speculations still account for over 95% of all digital assets operations.
Bazista will provide the channels to direct decentralized money into the real-economy sector. Interconnection of various blockchain solutions is the key to the real democratization of financial and commercial services. People who were excluded from traditional banking services will be part of a new global economy.
Growing penetration of smartphones, unlimited access to information means it is inevitable that decentralized money and other blockchain solutions will become new financial mainstream! Bazista will lead this revolution.