About Wild West Online

Wild West Online is MMORPG in the setting of the wild west
WWO is performed in the best traditions of MMORPG, offering a completely open world, worked out by the NPC, various PvE and PvP missions, extraction of resources, treasure hunting and of course the possibility of research both alone and with friends. 
In the game you can form your gangs, after which users can go to defend or break the law, wander around the country or have fun at the local saloon. PvP itself will be tied to a constant clash of police, bandits and ordinary researchers of the world. As all these "castes" will act players themselves.
You will not only have to shoot weapons from other characters. You can do gold mining in mines, farming, craft based on recipes, and not only.
If you break the law, then be prepared for the fact that you begin to look for bounty hunters.