About Zoosk

Zoosk is a web based dating platform with a presence in 80 countries and is available in 25 languages. It was founded a decade ago in Fremont, California, U.S. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Currently, the company has over 400 million users, and over 3 million texts are sent on a daily basis. It is a popular service, and its app has been ranked in the international listing at number in the most popular dating app, and the 3rd most used dating app in America.

Zoosk Affiliate Offers

Unfortunately for affiliates, Zoosk does not have an active affiliate program at the moment. It has not indicated whether there are any plans to activate one. So while other companies are actively pursuing affiliate marketers to join their team to drive their sales volume up, Zoosk is not acting on this strategy. How a typical affiliate program works is simple: an affiliate promotes the products of a company on his website using unique add banners that have a unique tracker. When the audience click on those banners, they are directed to Zoosk official site. If they like Zoosk service and subscribe to their services, the affiliate earns a percentage of the profits from that sale for initiating the sale.

How To Earn Money With The Zoosk Affiliate Program

Say Zoosk out of the blues decides to activate an affiliate program to at least drive sales up and increase its profit margins, how would you take advantage of that and earn the commissions? The answer is simple; easy! First thing to do would be to sign up for the program. Of course after the registration that’s when you’d expect to be assigned the all important affiliate links. These links are the ones you would put on your website to promote Zoosk to your blog audience. When your audience are directed to Zoosk’s homepage through your affiliate links, and they start using the premium products, you would be paid a percentage of the profits.

What Benefits Would You Enjoy If Zoosk Decides To Run The Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, the benefit would be the extra income you would earn from the commissions. If you have a website that receives incredibly high traffic and would want to monetize it and earn a few extra bucks, then Zoosk activated their affiliate program, it would be in your best interest to sign up for the program and earn the extra money from commissions. Zoosk is a reputable company, and marketed with a smart strategy would bring about many benefits such as a continuous stream of clients.

Who Are The Consumers?

Zoosk provides a dating platform like no other. It is where the singles meet. So the best people to market the products to would be those looking to get into a relationship. If you structure your ad campaigns to target those who are single but want a relationship, you would end up having significant conversion rate with your ad campaigns. Most of the referrals you send Zoosk’s way would want to use the service, thereby earning you a commission in the process.

But since there is no active affiliate program at the moment, and none has been promised as yet, affiliates can only wait for when an affiliate program would be started.