About Zulily

Zulily is an American online retailer that focuses on clothing, toys and home goods. It was founded by Darrel Cavens and Mark Vadon in 2007, with its major product being children’s apparel at the time. The company has seen massive growth since then, and was purchased by Liberty Interactive for $2.6 billion in 2015. Today, Zulily has a large following that includes millions of customers, most of whom are young, trendy mothers.

What Zulily Offers

Zulily has a wide product range that includes clothing and accessories (for men, women and children), toys, baby and maternity products, beauty and wellness products, and many more. The company typically holds no inventory, and it updates the available products for sale on its website on a daily basis. Zulily also operates an affiliate partner scheme so if you have a good website or blog with content that is relevant to Zulily’s products, becoming an affiliate partner could be a good way to monetize your website. The program offers up to 2% commissions, and the potential for earning is limitless.

How To Get Started

An important point to keep in mind is the fact that Zulily is specifically seeking out affiliate partners with websites that cover the following areas: family, kids, fashion, women, maternity, home, content, deals, etc. Therefore, only aspiring affiliates with websites that meet this criterion should apply.

Benefits of Becoming a Zulily Affiliate

Established brand – Zulily is an established name in the industry, and already has a large, ready market for its products. For affiliate partners, this means you will not need to work hard on creating brand awareness, and all you need to do is leverage Zulily’s brand presence.

2% Commission – Commissions start at 2%, which, considering the fact that the average order value is $53, means that your earning potential with Zulily is relatively high. Also, there is no cap on how much commission you can earn, as long as your referrals keep making purchases.

Dedicated affiliate team – Your marketing campaigns and sales efforts will benefit from having a completely dedicated support team to offer insights and guidance in regards to technical challenges.

Data-feed – Visitors to your website will be able to view all the products on offer at Zulily.com. At any given point in time, this is likely to top 12,000 products, which increases the chances of customers buying something.

Great deals – Zulily offers customers great deals of up to 70% off on products from popular brands. This typically means that conversion rates are very high and you can expect that a good percentage of your referrals will actually end in sales, earning you some income.

Weekly newsletter – Zulily sends affiliates a weekly newsletter to keep partners informed of promo events, special deals, etc.

Who Are The Customers?

Zulily is very family-oriented, with kids’ apparel being a major product line. In general, the company seems to have young, tech-savvy mothers as a strong target segment, so you can structure your campaigns accordingly.


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