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About AWin (Affiliate Window, earlier ZANOX)

The Zanox network, along with the Affiliate Window network, is part of Awin – a global affiliate network which connects publishers and advertisers. Affiliate Window was founded in 2000 by Heiko Rauch, Thomas Hessler and Jens Hewald in Berlin; it was acquired by Zanox Group in 2010, and both networks merged to form Awin in 2017 .The company now has upwards of 900 employees in 15 offices spread out across the globe. Zanox/Awin generated $82 million worth of sales in 2016, and has won multiple awards, including the “Use of Affiliate Marketing” title at the Drum DADI awards in 2017, and the “Industry Choice of Network” title at the Performance Marketing Awards in 2016.

What Does Zanox/Awin Offer?

Zanox, now Awin, is a diverse and effective affiliate network – a platform designed to connect advertisers and publishers for mutual benefit and profit, to help businesses grow online. Zanox, now Awin, has a global affiliate network of more than of over 100,000 publishers and 6,000 advertisers. Offering affiliates brand options in retail, finance, travel and telecommunications, Zanox/Awin aids both big and small publishers in using their websites, blogs, and other sorts of content to establish profitable partnerships with some of the leading brands in the world, including AliExpress, Time Inc., and HP. The commission rates affiliates stand to make depend on the brands and programs they sign up for, once they become a part of Awin.

How To Sign Up For The Zanox/Awin Affiliate Program

As a specialized affiliate network, Zanox/Awin provides a detailed guide for affiliates on its official website. Affiliates are advised to start by selecting a niche/area and create relevant content. Next, they can sign up on Zanox/Awin, and complete their publisher profile – this includes information on their website and their contact details, so advertisers can decide whether they are a good fit and then contact them. Once this is done, publishers can start browsing the numerous affiliate programs on offer, and sign up for the ones they think are best suited to their website/blog.

Advantages of the Zanox/Awin Affiliate Program

Zanox/Awin offers its affiliates a number of irresistible benefits. These include:

A vast network for affiliates – a powerful platform powered by Zanox/Awin’s specialized tech, the network offers 6000 brands to sign up with. The company has been around for 17 years, and in 2016, they generated €377 million for publishers and €6.2 billion in revenue for advertisers. Suffice to say, affiliates are in safe, experienced hands with Zanox/Awin, which has made it its mission to cater to publishers.

Dedicated, easy-to-use tools – Marketers are provided a range of tools to use, in order to make the process of adding affiliate links to their website as easy and simple as possible. These tools include Link Builder, Convert-a-Link, and Create-a-Feed.

Performance monitoring tools – Affiliates can use numerous tools for the purpose of tracking their traffic, performance and earnings. They can view their performance over time, commission group performance, advertiser performance and product performance, all customizable as per date range, brand, transaction/validation date and commission group.

An expert support team – A dedicated support team of account managers and a publisher management team are at your disposal, to help you hone your skills as an affiliate marketer and make the most of your campaigns.

Target Audience

Zanox/Awin is available to affiliate marketers the world over. However, individual programs for different brands might have certain specific requirements/restrictions in terms of location; therefore, marketers will need to check each individual program they are interested in, in order to find out whether they are eligible to join.