About Banggood.com

Banggood was founded in 2006, and at that time it was specialized in computer software research and development. It shifted its business to international e-commerce services, and since then it has become an online retailer selling almost everything you may need or think of. The whole Banggood team is committed to providing customers with low-price and high-quality products as well as professional customer service. Our motto is “Best bang for your buck”, and we follow it by ensuring that our products have exclusive deals and special promotions only for you.

Why choose Banggood?

  • A wide range of more than 70000 products;
  • The best bang for your buck;
  • Professional customer service;
  •  Profitable partnerships with us;
  • Free or low-cost shipping methods;
  • No minimum order quantity;


  • PayPal, credit card, boleto and other payment methods;
  • Drop-shipping orders delivered directly to your customers and other partnership programs.

Banggood products

We have a wide range of more than 150000 products of different categories, like Apple accessories, smartphones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, clothing, beauty products, jewelry, watches, and more. Every product has been carefully selected to offer the best quality at a low price. We always strive to provide our customers with a wide selection of some of the most trending and newest products.

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