About Barkbox

BarkBox is a subscription service that brings to your doorstep a monthly box of treats for your pet dogs. If you are a dog person, or you probably have a few pups as pets, you will be enthralled by what BarkBox has to offer.

BarkBox Products & Offers

Each month, your dog gets to be treated to a BarkBox surprise, and will receive a themed BarkBox goodies consisting of 2 awesome toys, a chew, and other natural treats curated from the theme of that month.

Any dog person would love their pet to be pampered with a monthly delivery of treats, toys, and a whole crazy load of dog joy. What’s more, a percentage of the proceeds is donated to dog shelters to support dog rescue in US and Canada, so while your dog will be enjoying its monthly treats, the animal shelters will be smiling with you because of the donations that will trickle down to them.

How to Earn Money as a BarkBox Affiliate

BarkBox has an affiliate program running with VigLink. You can monetize your blog by promoting BarkBox products, and for every sale that is generated from your ad campaigns, you’ll get a commission. Currently, BarkBox offers you a 10% commission for all referrals that subscribe to their services through your affiliate links. So it is quite a viable venture with the potential to give you substantial income as a side hustle to your online business.

In fact, you won’t interfere with your main online business. You will only promote BarkBox products through banners, affiliate links and other ad creatives, and convert a percentage of your traffic into BarkBox subscribers, thereby earning a 10% commission. But you have to apply to be an affiliate before you can start earning with BarkBox.

What’s The Profitability Of Being An Affiliate For BarkBox?

There are many advantages that come with promoting products for BarkBox. Firstly, the program is offered globally, so you can apply to be an affiliate regardless of your region or locality. It’s absolutely free to join BarkBox affiliate program, but you get paid for every referral that subscribes to BarkBox services.

Currently, BarkBox receives about 200, 000 monthly subscription, which means there is a huge demand for its services, and you can grow with the company as an affiliate for its products. 10% commission is a lot, and it could translate to a big payout if you engage your affiliate marketing aggressively.

What Target Audience Would You Go For?

Considering that BarkBox offers treats for dogs, it would be best to target dog lovers looking to reward their pups with dog joy at least once a month. Moreover, BarkBox treats consists of natural goodies, and therefore, another niche would be dog lovers looking for natural dog foods and treats, and if you chase this audience, you may have quite a successful outcome in terms of converting a good percentage of your blog’s traffic into BarkBox subscribers. Sign up today and become an affiliate of BarkBox and start earning up to 10% commission.

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