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Pottery Barn was founded in 1949 by Morris and Paul Secon. Its current headquarters is in San Francisco, California. Pottery Barn operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s . It mainly deals with home furnishing, so don’t be confused by the ‘Pottery’ tag into thinking they sell pottery. Plus, they target the upscale market. Pottery Barn has expanded its reach to the wider US, and has spread even further to the Philippines, Mexico, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, Pottery Barns has a few specialty stores operating, and these are: Potter Barn Kids and PBteen.

Pottery Barn Affiliate Offers

The affiliate program of Pottery Barn is managed by VigLink. In this program, Pottery Barn is willing to pay you up to 3% commission on all sales you drive their way. The program is open only to individuals in countries where it has a presence. How the affiliate program works is simple: you have to promote Pottery Bar to your blog’s audience, driving sales their way. When your referrals buy the home furnishings from Pottery Barn, you will be paid a 3% commission for your efforts as an affiliate marketer.

How To Start and Earn With Pottery Barn Affiliate Program

To earn with Pottery Barn affiliate program is one of the best things to ever happen to the affiliate world. Not only do you get to earn revenues from your blog, but you also get to enjoy your time on the web promoting products to your audience. If you have a website that enjoys significant amount of traffic, then you can monetize it by signing up with the Pottery Barn affiliates.

To join in, you have to apply via VigLink and wait for approval, and once granted, you will be given the banners, affiliate links, and text links to use on your blog. You will have to find a strategic place on your blog for your ad campaign where your audience can easily see and click. This way, you will have more chance of converting your traffic into potential clients for Pottery Barn, thereby earning a commission for yourself.

What Are The Benefits of Being An Affiliate Of Pottery Barn?

The major advantage of joining this program is that it gives you an opportunity to earn extra revenues from your blog. The commission paid out stands at 3%, and considering that the average value of the products in Pottery Barn stores, you will be making buck loads of money. Plus, you will actually be enriching your readers' and customers' lives with great products.

Who Are The Consumers of Pottery Barns Products?

Pottery Barns stocks quality home furnishings and the regular customers are the ones looking to furnish their homes. You can target people who are moving into a new house and require new furniture. Directing this group of your audience to Pottery Barns site will definitely bring in good money in commissions. Sign up today and be an affiliate of Pottery Barns and start earning with its affiliate program.

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