About DHGate

DHgate provides a very important platform for cross-border trade where international retailers, bargain shoppers, and re-sellers meet with China wholesaler to trade over 30 million products at huge discounts. It is only on DHgate that these kinds of trades occur at such magnitude, and with millions of products available for you affiliate marketers to promote on your websites, you’ll be making huge conversions and earning commissions like never before.

Whatever theme your blog is built on, you won't miss a high quality product that would interest your blog audience and make a few sales from that promotion, because at the end of it all, once a trade has been confirmed, there will be money in the bank for you paid as commissions.

DHgate Products

DHgate is an online marketplace for international traders to meet and do business. There are huge discounts dished out here because of the magnitude of trade volumes. The products list at DHgate exceeds well over 30 million, which says a lot about the available niches that affiliates can work in and make money promoting DHgate products to their blog audience. To be allowed to promote products as an affiliate, you have to sign up with DHgate and wait for approval.

How to Start Earning Money as a DHgate Affiliate

In their own words, "Sign up for an affiliate account", and then "Select your banner and get your HTML code". In the end, place the banner and the code on your website and start earning money. With a 30-day cookie and a big data feed, it's very easy to start earning money with them as they boast professional web design and amazing opportunities. That’s not all, DHgate will serve you with fresh content, for instance having daily updates for the product catalog feeds. Moreover, they have a dedicated team of support staff to answer to all your questions. Therefore, you won't have a had time working as an affiliate for DHgate.

Why It's Profitable to be a DHgate Affiliate

There are many good things that come with being an affiliate for DHgate. Here are some of the benefits to expect from working as an affiliate for DHgate.

There commissions are extremely motivating, with some even going up to 10% per sale. There are also bonuses for you to earn more commissions as a reward for exemplary performance. What’s more interesting is that if you make the list for the top performing affiliate publisher, you will be given exclusive coupon codes to enhance your affiliate marketing performance. As an affiliate of DHgate, you will be provided with professionally designed banners, ad creatives, affiliate links, coding and graphics to use in your ad campaigns, thereby making your affiliate work easy. With much of the technical work already done for you, what’s left is for you to strategically place the ad creatives in the right content on your blog and try to interest your audience into making deals on DHgate.

What Would Be The Right Target Audience?

It depends on one’s niche, but then again, it is critically important that you understand the needs of your blog’s audience to be able to know which products to promote. If you have customers looking to purchase big consignments, they would make the right target for this project and you would have a good chance making great conversions, thereby earning substantial income as commissions.

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