About network

ePN (e-commerce partners network) is a major CPA partner network, an aggregator of partner e-commerce programs. The network is a direct partner of the well-known advertisers like, AliExpress, asos, LitRes, aviasales, Tinkoff Bank and many others. EPN has registered more than 100,000 webmasters from around the world.

Types of traffic and features of working with the network

Webmasters can use a template promotional materials or create their own (if agreed). Geo-targeting is described by each account separately.

The source of traffic in ePN, regardless of the offer, can not be:

  • a site with malicious software, materials capable of misleading the user, discriminating users on any of the signs;
  • sites containing information that contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • sites that host materials without respect for copyright;
  • page with a mimicking domain name.

You can not make changes to the rotator code, place banners not in the field of visibility, as well as in frames and hidden blocks.

Illegal traffic sources: contextual advertising (Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, Runner), if the advertising materials use the name of the brand, offeror or advertiser, as well as any mention of ePN. In other words, you can not create a website, call it "AliExpress" or derivatives and send traffic to the official AliExpress via ePN.

You can not attract traffic from the services of performing tasks, motivate non-targeted users to perform conversion actions, arrange spam mailings, publish spam comments.

If there are any discrepancies between the offer and the ePN user agreement in the work of the webmaster, the network reserves the right to block his account and to cancel the earnings for this offer.

The lifetime of the cookie depends on the offer (in most partners - from 7 to 30 days).

Tools to drive traffic

This partner network is one of the most technologically advanced, has not only basic and advanced tools to attract traffic, but also user-friendly interface of each menu of the partner cabinet.

The webmaster can use:

  • Self-learning Smart Banners. You will be provided with ready-made banner designs, from regular advertising messages to banner banners. You can also create your own creatives - banners for specific categories or specific products. The system tracks interaction with each of these banners after their placement, collects and analyzes information about impressions, clicks and other reactions to advertising, and then adjusts the banner to the interests of the audience (for example, replaces the displayed products more relevant).
  • CMS and dumps. ePN provides all the necessary data to quickly create your own sites with the goods of the advertiser (via the API).
  • Landing pages library. You can use template landings for the products of the advertiser or create your own, using the basic tools ePN - for a particular product, category or site of the advertiser.
  • URL Shortener. If you work with social networks, this tool will be useful for you: ePN has its own add-in to reduce partner links.
  • Each partner of the network can access the API.

Advantages of working with the network

  • There is a referral program - for every partner involved, the webmaster will receive a 5% reward from their earnings. In addition, if you are already registered with another CPA network, ePN increases your current bid by 0.5 for switching traffic to this network.
  • There are three options for earning on ePN: according to the CPA model (pay for the targeted action, often for the attracted customers), Revenue Sharing (passive income - for attracting referrals) and a mixed system.
  • Revenue Sharing on ePN is presented in three models: standard, accelerated and hybrid. By "standard", the webmaster receives 10% of the amount of cashback from new users. This is a regular reward and is assigned to him for life. Webmaster receives 5% of the amount of earnings of the partner involved. According to the "accelerated" model, the webmaster will receive 2-5 USD for each active partner. "Hybrid" - a reward of 2.5% for the first purchase and 5% of the cashback for life. Webmasters working for Revenue Sharing, statistics on the earnings and activity of each partner involved are available.
  • The ability to work on CPA and Revenue Sharing is not provided by all partner networks at the same time. But ePN has such an opportunity: it is created so that the buyer who has passed through the affiliate link, brings you profit, even if in the process of making an order he will use cash-back services (under normal conditions, a commission from the goods purchased through an affiliate link, but with cashback, webmaster is not charged). The links generated by this cooperation model will contain the code for registering the buyer in the cashback service Cashback ePN: each user registered in it will bring you 30% of the amount of the cashback (and will be assigned to the webmaster for life). If the buyer does not make a cashback in ePN, you will receive a one-time commission on standard CPA terms from the sale of the goods.
  • Payments of commissions can be spent on purses Webmoney (WMZ and WMR), through ePayments, Qiwi, Yandex.Money. You can get money in 5 minutes after the order of payment (such payments can be made no more often than 2 times a month). The required amount must be on the Webmaster's Balance (ie to be confirmed by the network after checking the quality of the actions). When withdrawing funds to Webmoney purses, the minimum for payment is 10 WMZ / WMR.

Statistics, analytics and support

ePN provides detailed statistics on clicks, orders and sales. The statistics are updated in real time. You can also filter the results by country, device and version of software installed on them (for example, on operating systems), creatives, SubID and other parameters. In the office, you can set up statistics for a separate offer.

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Minimum Payout
$ 0,2
Payout Types
Payment Methods
PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi
Referral Commission