About Fitbit

Fitbit is an innovative company based in the US, and it majorly deals with developing wearable technology devices that take critical readings; for instance, your heart rate, steps climbed, even the quality of sleep you’ve had, and convey that data in a format you can easily understand. Its first product was the Fitbit Tracker that took the market by storm.

With its affiliate program, Fitbit wants you to ‘make fitness your business’. Joining the program will see you earn commissions by directing your blog’s audience to Fitbit’s products sold on its official site. Sign up today and earn up to 12% commission through promoting Fitbits products on your website.

Fitbit Products & Offerings

Fitbit offers you the opportunity to join the affiliates program and earn commissions as high as 12%! Not only will you be benefiting financially, but there is also the reward that comes with making the lives of people better by connecting them to Fitbit products. Signing up is absolutely free, and maintaining that membership is also free. All it will take for you to start earning commissions from Fitbit is a good website that receives significant traffic and your ability to convert a good percentage of it into potential customers for Fitbit products.

How To Register And Start Earning As A Fitbit Affiliate

The registration process is not complicated at all, and it will take less time than you can imagine. Once you fill out the form and submit it, you’ll have to wait for approval by your account’s manager before you are provided with the necessary affiliate links and ad creatives to use on your blog. Moreover, the fact that fitness enthusiasts are everywhere, and could probably make up a good percentage of your blog’s visitors, it only means that if you use the right ad campaigns, you may be able to convert a significant percentage of your blog’s visitors into potential customers for Fitbit products.

Is Being An Affiliate For Fitbit Products A Viable Income Source?

Being an affiliate for Fitbit products could earn you substantial income, if you engage the marketing process in the right way, and more importantly, if you target the right audience in your campaigns. Fitness enthusiasts are everywhere. And who said you need to lift weights, run a triathlon, or attend aerobic sessions at your local gym on a daily basis to be deemed a fitness enthusiast? Fitness enthusiasts are those who spend money because they value fitness and want to keep fit.

Fitbit Target Audience

Sports enthusiasts are the ideal target audience to market to in this affiliate campaign, because the group can afford to pay for gym membership, exercise equipment, and even fitness magazines, meaning that they are more likely to pay for Fitbit products when you introduce it to them. Therefore, if you engage the affiliate marketing process correctly, you make a lot of money earning commissions as an affiliate marketer for Fitbit products.

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