About Hootsuite

Founded by Ryan Holmes in 2008, HootSuite was created as a platform for managing the content of social media. This product was Ryan’s creation, to help him manage social media content at his own agency. HootSuite was first launched under the name BrightKit and was later renamed in 2009. HootSuite initially offered its dashboard to manage the content of Twitter but later, it expanded its services to LinkedIn and Facebook as well. Over the years, HootSuite acquired a number of organizations and has now grown to become one of the largest social media management websites in the world.

HootSuite’s affiliate program remains as popular as the brand itself, as it offers exciting commission-earning opportunities for its affiliates.

HootSuite Affiliate Program Offers & Commission Rates

Via its affiliate program, HootSuite allows marketers to promote and sell various products that the company offers and earn good commissions in return. Affiliates can sell HootSuite Pro, Enhanced Support feature, and additional features. Any individual who owns a top-quality website that has good content and sees a large amount of traffic can easily sign up for this program.

HootSuite offers different commission rates according to different plans and categories. Affiliates selling monthly plan referrals are paid the first month’s fees as a commission. For affiliates selling annual plan referrals, 15% of the entire fees paid is given as a commission.

Application Process

To register for this program, the application has to be sent via Commission Junction. Once the form has been submitted and the application is approved, affiliates can move on to using the link they are provided in order to advertise HootSuite’s products to their target audience.

HootSuite is currently not accepting any new applications for their affiliate program. However, should the application process be reopened, affiliates can greatly benefit by signing up for this program.

The Pros of HootSuite’s Affiliate Program

HootSuite’s affiliate program can be a highly rewarding one. Not only do affiliates stand to earn good commissions for their efforts, but HootSuite also ensures that no fraudulent activity takes place, which might damage both the company and its affiliates.

The registration process for this program remains fairly easy, and any individual with an active website and a strong user base can apply for the program once it reopens.

HootSuite’s Customers

HootSuite now targets various social media websites via its services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and many more. The increase in the number of social media websites has enhanced the user base of HootSuite as well. HootSuite has over 15 million users, as of 2016.

Affiliates can find customers for HootSuite’s products throughout the world – with the growing popularity of social media, a social media manager which allows users to manage all their accounts in one place is a product which will remain in high demand. Not only can marketers target the social media-savvy individuals, they can also target companies and businesses who are looking to drum up interest in their products and increase their sales via social media.

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