About iHerb

An online retailer for supplements, vitamins, and natural health-related products, iHerb was founded in 1996 and is based in California. iHerb offers a smooth and seamless online shopping experience for customers looking for all-natural health products. The company initially focused solely on promoting the benefits of St. John’s Wort – however, it has expanded its services and now provides a wide range of world-class, brand name natural health products. iHerb has also been awarded the “#1 online supplement store” title by Consumer Lab for 6 years in a row (2008-2013).

Affiliate marketers who own websites which attract audiences interested in natural products can take advantage of iHerb’s rewards program, and boost their earnings by promoting/referring the e-store’s products.

Offers From iHerb

A leading e-store for natural health products, iHerb stocks more than 35,000 all-natural products from more than 1,200 reliable and well-known brands. These include natural supplements, vitamins, food, and other types of products for sports nutrition, kids, beauty, and pets. The main advantage iHerb offers its customers is that the products they offer are priced 30-40% lower than they are in other health stores and pharmacies.

In addition to their products, iHerb offers affiliate marketers the chance to add to their revenue stream by joining their Rewards Program. Associates stand to earn 5% to 10% per purchase of their referrals; credits become available 30 days after purchase, and affiliates can then use these reward points to shop for more iHerb products, or they can cash out once the amount hits the $300 mark. By shopping through your code, customers can also avail a 5% discount themselves – it’s a win-win situation all around.

Signing Up For The Iherb Rewards Program

In order to sign up for the iHerb rewards program, you will start by heading over to the company’s official website and create an account. Next, you will need to go to the product page of your choice, create a custom shopping cart, or select previous orders from your history – then, simply click on the share button in order to receive a unique 6-digit Reward code, which you can then share with your target audience, and encourage them to purchase products through it.

Benefits of the Reward Program

The main advantage of joining iHerb’s program is the rewards. At 5% for new or old customers, and 10% for customers who purchase iHerb’s own products, affiliates stand to make a tidy profit provided they put together a comprehensive marketing strategy and target the right audience. As per iHerb, they pay more than $500,000 each month to the participants of their rewards program.

iHerb’s Customers

iHerb’s products appeal to a wide customer base – anyone interested in natural health products is a potential target customer for iHerb and their affiliates. It is essential to note that iHerb ships products to customers in 150 countries, so marketers looking to promote iHerb’s products will need to ensure that they target consumers residing in countries where iHerb delivers. Smaller target segments can include fitness aficionados, new mothers, parents of young children, pet owners, etc.

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