About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is one of the largest web based fully licensed Sportsbooks. It was founded in 1998, so it has been in the market for close to 20 years now. Pinnacle has presence in over 100 countries, and the portal is designed in 19 different languages. It offers betting in Casino games, Poker, eSports, and even Drone racing, which makes it a jack of all trades in matters betting. Pinnacle is currently headquartered in Curacao, Netherlands, and the betting company is under the regulation of the Government of Netherlands.

Pinnacle Affiliate Offers

Pinnacle has an active affiliate program that lets you earn money for promoting Pinnacle and driving clients their way. Pinnacle want to pay you to use your website to drive traffic to them and increase their revenues. There are two commission structures on offer: Volume commission and Tiered revenue share. In volume commission, you will be paid a percentage of the volume of your referral’s betting, and 30% revenue share. Tiered revenue share on the other hand, the commission rates rise the longer you work with Pinnacle. The first three months of engagement, you will earn 30% of net revenue, and after that your commission rate goes up by 5%.

How To Start And Earn With Pinnacle Affiliate Program

Earning with Pinnacle affiliate program is exciting and motivating. It is also quite challenging because the revenues are dependent on your skill as an affiliate marketer. The sign up process is fast and easy to complete, and it won’t take a lot of your time. After registering to be an affiliate, you will be granted access to your affiliate links to use in your promotions. Once you have them uploaded on your website and sparked an interest in online sports betting from your audience, the affiliate links will direct them to Pinnacle site, and you will earn a lifetime commissions from all the revenues generated from your referrals.

What Are The Benefits of Working in The Pinnacle Affiliate Program?

The benefits are many, including the fact that it provides you an extra income source. You will also enjoy automated payments, so you will never expect late or delayed commission payments. What’s more, you will have freedom with your funds and you can have access to them whenever you so wish. There are no rules about minimum earnings, so you withdraw anytime you wish. And have we mentioned commissions for life? Yup, you will be earning commissions for as long as your referred players maintain their membership with Pinnacle. It is provides easy withdrawals, with many options available for you. The average commission paid out by Pinnacle is 14%.

Who Is The Target Audience?

If you have a website that’s concentrated on sports, you can easily monetize it by drawing your audience into sports betting, and then introducing them to Pinnacle. This way, you will have a better chance of making good conversions with your promotions. Remember that Pinnacle offers you lifetime commissions, so for all referrals you bring in to Pinnacle, you will get to share the revenues with Pinnacle, which can translate to good pay for you. Sign up today and become an affiliate of Pinnacle.