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Yoola (ex-VSP Group) is a partner media network that helps develop and distribute video content on various resources. Today, Yoola (ex VSP Group) has about 30,000 channels, generating a total of 8 billion views with 700 million subscribers.

Yoola channels have more than 1.1 thousand silver buttons and more than 100 gold buttons YouTube (a kind of recognition of the most popular channels on YouTube, silver is assigned to channels with 100 thousand subscribers, gold - channels with 1 million subscribers and more).

Types of traffic and features of working with the network

  • Have at least 10,000 views in total (regardless of the number of videos);
  • the desired number of rollers on the channel - at least 5-7;
  • Over the last 30 days the channel must have more than 3000 views;
  • A channel must be signed by at least 500 users;
  • At the time of connection to the network, the channel must exist for at least a month;
  • videos should not conflict with the terms of the placement on YouTube, be complete or partial plagiarism, or in any other way violate copyrights.

Partners may become persons who have reached the age of 14. In this case, payments can be made only to his parents or guardians, until the owner of the channel reaches the age of 18.

The application for registration in the partner network is considered within 72 hours.

Payments are monthly and are made according to three schemes:

  • up to 500 thousand impressions of advertising on the channel per month - 70% of the advertiser's income;
  • 500 thousand / 1 million impressions - 75% of revenue;
  • from 1 million impressions - 80% of revenue.

Depending on the chosen payment system, the amount of the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is changed:

  • 15 RUB - WebMoney (WMR) and a purse of Yandex.Money;
  • 1000 RUB - VISA / MasterCard;
  • 1 USD - WebMoney (WMZ) and PayPal;
  • 15 USD - Payoneer;
  • 30 USD - Unistream, Western Union and MoneyGram.

Types of advertising

Your channel can show:

  • Display ads - a small ad unit on the right side of the page, located above the related video;
  • overlays - the imposition of advertising on the video, the banner at the bottom of the frame, this advertisement does not cover the whole page, it can be closed;
  • advertising hints - advertising blocks, shown on the right side of the frame on top of the video;
  • Ads with skippable ads - short, relevant videos that an advertiser can post before your video, after it, or interrupt the display of content.

On the channel, you can also show ads without skippable or long ads without the ability to skip, but they cause more negative reactions in the target audience. Such advertising is considered intrusive and far from always effective.

Pay attention: the media network pays only commercial shows and does not pay just for the number of views. The bid for 1000 commercial impressions depends on the offer and the activity of the audience on your channel.

Advantages of working with the network

  • In this partner media network, you can monetize video content using YouTube, VK and OK sites. Partner receives up to 80% of advertising revenue.
  • On the partner channel only relevant advertising will be shown, and the price for the display or click on the banner / video is usually higher than in other affiliates or networks.
  • A network partner can request personal consultations with optimization specialists and channel promotion, a partner can also be invited to webinars and other trainings conducted by Yoola.
  • The network supports a lot of options for withdrawing funds: PayPal, Webmoney (WMR, WMZ), Unistream, Payoneer, Yandex.Money, MoneyGram, as well as bank and postal orders. Payment for VISA / MasterCard is possible only for citizens of the Russian Federation, cashless payment is exclusive to legal entities.
  • Yoola has its own set of tools for optimizing, promoting and managing the account.
  • The content placed by Yoola's partners is protected by copyright, and also protected by Content ID professionals against illegal copying or imitation, which will help to preserve the uniqueness of the videos you release, achieve high ratings and interact with the audience.
  • Yoola, together with Epidemic Sound, provides partners with a library of 50,000 tracks that can be used for free for a background or adding other sound effects to the videos.
  • Employees of Yoola help authors find within the partner network options for profitable collaborations - your videos can attract twice as many audience if they involve several popular authors (bloggers).
  • Yoola helps partners in organizing trips to themed events, to which you are invited, as the author of a popular channel, or which you can use to promote it.
  • Yoola partners can use studios and studio equipment to create content (the studios are located in Moscow, Los Angeles, London and Kiev).
  • Yoola's partners can request translation or subtitles for their video or channel in order to increase coverage in other regions (translation is possible in English, Spanish and Russian).
  • There is a referral program - you will receive 10% of the profit from the channel of the new partner attracted to it.

Statistics, analytics and supports

To maintain statistics is provided a separate menu. Among other things, there will be information on advertising revenue. The technical support does not work around the clock: from 10 to 19 with the PT on Fri. You can contact the technical staff via the online chat.


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Minimum Payout
$ 1; 15 рублей
Payout Types
Payment Methods
PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi
Referral Commission