About network is a network of partner programs that monetizes confirmed applications. The main tool of the network is the "Online Consultant" widget that encourages clients to act (consulting, ordering a service or other targeted actions). Priority areas of work - finance, real estate, jurisprudence, astrology. With Leadia, site owners who want to increase revenue from it, selling leads and calls, and advertisers willing to buy new applications and new customers can cooperate.
With this network at the end of 2017, more than 5,200 sites cooperate.

Types of traffic and features of working with the network

Now Leadia works in such areas of advisory services:

  • legal aid (EPL, average earnings from the application - 21 RUB, APL, average earnings from the sold lead - 84 RUB, CR *, average indicator of the purchase of applications by the advertiser - 41%);
  • consultations on loans that can be obtained online (EPL - 34 RUB, APL - 261 RUB, CR - 13%);
  • consulting on real estate issues (EPL - 17 RUB, APL - 93 RUB, CR - 51%);
  • Medical consultations (EPL - 5 RUB, APL - 19 RUB, CR - 18%);
  • astrological consultations (EPL - 9.5 RUB, APL - 22 RUB, CR - 100%).

* Defined by the coverage of advertisers from different regions.

At the stage of closed testing there are now two more categories of consultations - for car service and repair services.
Some widgets, for example, consulting with a doctor and legal advice, in addition to accepting applications, also support the reception of calls from customers. accepts traffic from doorway pages, contextual advertising, subject sites, e-mail newsletters and other sources, practically without limiting the webmaster. It is forbidden only spam, cheating applications, for some products of the network are not allowed to motivated traffic and cache.

So, on the site of financial or near-financial topics, you can place a widget for selecting instant loans amounting to 1,000 to 3,000,000 rubles. Advantages of working with Leadia on such an off-line: the system will independently calculate which of the registered users to send such lead, based on the user's characteristics, geo-targeting, and the coefficient of approval of applications in different offers. If one of the MFOs does not accept your lead, it is redirected to another advertiser - so that you do not lose a quality application and are able to receive a well-deserved reward for it.
The amount of remuneration depends on the offense and the target action. In financial events, the webmaster can receive ~ 1000 rubles for the issuance of loans and up to 250 rubles for a confirmed application.
Targeting in the majority of offers - only Russia, for individual products - traffic only from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tools to drive traffic

"Online consultant" is a widget for advising clients, the service is free for the user, but the advertiser pays the webmaster for each consultation. The widget is simply installed on the site, using the helpdesk of the partner network, or with the help of technical support specialists. The direction of consultations can be different: from assistance in calculating the cost of buying an apartment in a new residential complex to resolve legal issues or obtain a personal astrological forecast.
According to, the installation of such a widget increases earnings by 7 times (compared to the profit from conventional contextual advertising).
Form Designer - create and customize forms for ordering a consultation. The form can be embedded in the page (iframe) or displayed after clicking on the banner (PopUp).
Another tool is a widget for ordering phone consultations.
The network provides promotional materials in the form of keyword bases, banners, forms for filling, thematic widgets for automated collection of applications on the site (the widget does not conflict with other advertisements placed on this site).
Webmasters are available templates and editor of landings to create unique landing pages. You can also work with the API and subaccounts.

Advantages of working with the network

  • Online consultant is a technological solution for attracting new clients and monetizing leads. The widget is easy to install on the site and start earning.
  • Ready-made promo materials look attractive.
  • Hold on the withdrawal of earnings - 7-14 days.
  • The partner network began work in 2012 with a single widget - to collect legal applications. Today there are six such widgets in the network and with time, there will be only more topics for consultations.
  • Any widget can be adjusted under the placement area - choose the style, color, location on the page.
  • Instead of the widget, the order forms are also installed on the partner site - they can be pop-up or static (it is possible to customize the style and size of the window of this form).
  • You can collect applications for telephone consultations, advertise the numbers of specialists in this or that region.
  • There is a referral program: 7% of the earnings of the partner involved and a bonus of 7% of the replenishment of advertisers.
Site screenshots
Minimum Payout
1500 рублей
Payout Types
Payment Methods
Bank, WebMoney
Referral Commission