About Nike

Nike is an international brand for shoes, sports apparel and gear. It has products for men, women, boys & girls, and there is also customized products where you order products with your own design. Nike is one of the top leaders in the fashion world, producing products that appeal to the masses, and has continued to maintain its hold in the market for ages.

Nike has made sure that every demographic, man or woman, boy or girl, from the oldest to the youngest, all have been catered for in the shoes, clothes and gear departments. And the consistency of the quality of its products is what endears it to many, generation after generation.

Nike Products

Nike is a big brand in the shoes category. It has a lot of material in those departments, ranging from trending fashion sneakers, to the athletic shoes for training, you can't miss a quality product on the market designed by Nike that is on demand. On apparel, Nike has made a name for itself on fashion affairs. It has produced some of the hottest products on the market, and has continued to do so judging by the quality of the recent releases. Nike has also built a reputation as a force to recon with when it comes to gear. The quality is out of this world, and most athletes endorse it for its quality.

How to Earn Money as a Nike Affiliate

Nike, through various partners, has rolled out an affiliates program that will see publishers and promoters earn a commission for every sell lead they accrue. To join the affiliates program, you have to sign up and wait for your application to be approved. Once your application is approved, you will be provided with an extensive range of Nike ad creatives, banners, and other affiliate links, which you will use on your website to promote the Nike products. Commission is then paid out to those who successfully promote Nike products and make actual sales, because the commission that is paid out to the affiliate is actually a percentage of the net profit from that particular sale.

What is The Advantage of Being a Nike Affiliate?

Commissions for Nike affiliate program reach as high as 11%! Considering that Nike has an average order value of $100, imagine how much you can bring in if you engage the right ad campaigns and ad creatives. Moreover, Nike provides you with specific NikeID promotional material, making your affiliate work easy because you will only have to place those links in strategic places on your blog to direct traffic to Nike Store and hope they make a purchase.

Nike Target Audience

With Nike products, there are many niches for you to choose and market, and it will not be a difficult engagement for you to convert a good percentage of your web audience into Nike customer. You need to sign up to start earning the commissions that go as high as 11%. Aim for people who choose modern apparel and care about fashion and you should do well in your affiliate marketing efforts.

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