About Shopbop

Shopbop is one of the leading online shopping service for women designer clothing and fashion wear. The holdings of Shopbop provide an amazing collection of diversity, with designer wear and accessories for every class and taste. Shopbop was founded in 2000, and has gone to provide quality products for women shoppers who love everything about class and taste. With Shopbop, they can enjoy fast and free delivery right to their doorstep. It is one of the most profitable ventures selling women clothing on the net.

Shopbop Affiliate Program

Shopbop have an active affiliate program that will see affiliates earning bucket loads of commissions by promoting Shopbop. If you own a website that is popular with women, and enjoys quite a significant amount of traffic each month, you can monetize your web page by promoting Shopbop and for every sale you drive their way, you will earn commission of up to 8%! It is a generous offer, considering that all you have to do is drive traffic to their store to promote their sales.

How To Start And Earn With Shopbop

Earning with Shopbop affiliate program is fast, easy and absolutely free of charge. You need to sign up to become an affiliate, then you will be given the necessary tools to help you optimize your marketing strategies on your blog. Some of the things to expect include banner ads, affiliate links, and other ad creatives that will appeal to your blog’s audience. When they click on those promotional links, they will be directed to the Shopbop store, and if they make any purchase within a 30 days period, you will earn yourself a cut of the profits. The commission rate is currently capped at 8%.

What Are The Advantages Of Joining This Affiliate Program?

There are many benefits that accrue from enrolling for this program. Your online blog will have an extra income source from the marketing project with Shopbop. You will be paid your commission if your referrals buy products on Shopbop store. While other affiliate programs provide you with the affiliate links and leave you to generate the ad banners and display ads, Shopbop ensures that you receive only the best quality ad creatives done in a professional way to boost your conversion rate. And if you show good performance in terms of generating sales for Shopbop, you will be offered individual bonuses for your efforts.

Who Are The Consumers?

Shopbop sells top brands and quality of women fashion wear, clothing and accessories. What’s more, they offer free fast deliveries. And since women love to shop a lot, it would be better if you target such consumers with your ad campaigns. If you market to the audience that is interested in purchasing top quality women wear from the top brands and class, then pointing them towards Shopbop would definitely result in some sales, hence a good payout for you.

If you want to earn money from your blog, working with Shopbop affiliates is a good approach. You will earn commissions of up to 8% from all confirmed purchases. Sign up today to be an affiliate marketer for Shopbop.

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