About SportsDirect

SportsDirect is a UK-based clothing and sportswear store, founded in 1982 by Mike Ashley. Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously and is now the UK’s largest sports-goods retail store, with 670 stores in operation across the globe, and 400 of these being located in the UK. The company debuted on the London Stock Market with an initial valuation of £2.5 billion. SportsDirect generally trades under the brand SportsDirect.com, and currently owns several sports-goods brands including Slazenger, Donnay, Firetap, Everlast, Lonsdale, and others.

SportsDirect’s Offerings

The company offers a wide range of sports goods, covering sports such as football (soccer), rugby, basketball, cricket, and others, for men, women, and children. There is something for everyone who is interested in sports, along with trendy, sporty clothing. SportsDirect also runs an affiliate program that allows affiliate partners to leverage its huge market share. Signing up as an affiliate is simple and does not involve any complex processes. The company offers its affiliates a commission rate of 4% and marketing support in the shape of ready-made creatives which marketers can use to promote products.

How To Become a Sportsdirect Affiliate

When affiliates will be approved, they can start earning and enjoying the benefits that come with being a SportsDirect affiliate. Any detailed enquires about the process of becoming an affiliate can be sent by email, to [email protected].

Advantages of Becoming a Sportsdirect Affiliate Partner

Ready market – SportsDirect is a well-known and highly sought after brand in the sports-goods niche. When you become an affiliate, you will not have much work to do in convincing customers to make a purchase from SportsDirect, since there is already a very high demand for their products. Stats from SportsDirect currently indicate an average conversion rate of 12%, which means there is a high chance that at least 1 in 10 referrals will earn you some income; that could be quite substantial, given the fact that the average order value is £70.

Wide range of options – With over 500 brands and 49, 000 products available online, and 600 more added every week, customers will have multiple options; thus, they are likely to find exactly what they want and make a purchase. For affiliate marketers, this will mean a much higher chance of their referrals making a purchase and earning them some commission income.

4% Commission – You will earn 4% commission on purchases from new customers for amounts up to £200 after deductions for tax and delivery.

Marketing support – Promotional banners will be supplied by SportsDirect, in line with any ongoing promo campaigns.

The Primary Target Market

Primarily, the main target segment for SportsDirect products are teenagers and young people below the age of 35. Generally, you can target people who are active in sports, and given that 400 of SportsDirect’s 600 plus locations are in the UK, you should be targeting people who live in Britain.

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