About StubHub

StubHub is an online ticket exchange resource that specializes in providing tickets for events such as sporting events, concerts, theater, and other entertainment events. The company currently operates from its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They serve the entire United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany.

StubHub was founded in the year 2000 by Founder Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr. The company president is Scott Cutler. The other staff on their team includes executives Raji Arasu, Noah Goldberg, Ajay Gopal, and Annie Robie. This great collaboration of individuals brought about StubHub as a way to offer services for buyers and sellers of sporting events, concerts and theater. Today it is recognized was the largest secondary-market ticket marketplace in the country.

StubHub Offers

StubHub is all about providing their users with the best in discounted tickets for their favorite events. The website currently offers tons of discounts. Users can buy and sell event tickets at the best value to millions of buyers. They can also find Golden State Warrior tickets, Hamilton tickets, and Oklahoma City Thunder tickets for with savings as low as $9.

Loyal customers who wish to make an earning with the company they know and love can join the StubHub Affiliate Program to spread the word about the largest ticket marketplace in the country. Affiliate members help sell thousands of the most in-demand tickets to friends and family while receiving commission on each purchase made.

How To Start And Earn With Stubhub

If customers want to get started on earning an extra income with StubHub, they are in luck! The company has created the StubHub Affiliate Program which enables them to buy and sell thousands of tickets at their own pace through desktop and mobile. To get started new members must sign up on their stubhub.com website. After the process is complete, they receive unlimited access to amazing deals and benefits. Usually, one of the representatives accepts your application and you are given the exact steps you need to follow in order to continue with your affiliate marketing efforts.

Why It’s Profitable To Work With Stubhub: Main Advantages

StubHub enjoys helping their customers locate the deals they need most to have a great time. Whether it is a certain artist or music genre, StubHub has it all. Affiliate members have the golden opportunity of sharing the best in popular tickets with friends and family earning up to 7% commission on each sale made. 4% is received on MLP orders. In addition to all these, the company provides marketers with great tools that can be used as leverage to reach more readers and to engage them in a superior manner.

StubHub Target Audience

StubHub has been the resource thousands of users flock to when searching for that perfect deal. Although the online ticket retailer provides services for entire United States, Canada, UK, and Germany, they have a special audience by which their marketing efforts seek to find. This group includes young adults and others who have an interest in buying and selling tickets. These individuals mostly live in the United States and are within the ages of 16 and 45. They are passionate sports fans and are willing to pay more for value. StubHub is an online retailer which currently serves the United States, Canada, UK, and Germany. They can be found by their company website stubhub.com.

StubHub Offers