About ToysRUs

Toys R Us is an American retail store specializing in toys for children. This worldwide retailer was founded in 1948 by Charles Lazarus. Toys R Us currently supplies toys, clothing, and baby products for children all across the world in over 1,600 stores.

The popular chain store was first birthed in Washington, D.C as a baby-furniture store. After customers started requesting baby toys from Charles Lazarus, the small business at 2461 18th Street transformed to Toys “R” Us in Rockville, Maryland. In 1966 the popular retailer joined with Interstate Department Stores, Inc. The design of Toys R Us included a vertical rainbow and a brown roof.

Toys R Us Offers

Toys R Us loves providing quality fun at a fraction of the cost. On their online website Toysrus.com, the company offers various discounts and deals for the entire family. Customers can log on every day and find daily deals and the hottest promotions readily available. Users can also benefit from the 60% off clearance sale on hot items like toys, bikes, and much more. Parents have the opportunity in joining in on the fun as Toys R Us also includes multiple deals for baby products. Stack up on coupons and “R” Us cards to begin saving big.

How To Start And Earn With Toys R Us

All loyal customers can save and earn with Toys R Us by joining the Toys R Us Affiliate Program. This program gives you the ability to generate extra income while linking friends and family to purchase on the toysrus.com website. As soon as a user clicks the affiliate link and purchases an item, Affiliate Members can earn a percentage of the sale, keeping you up to date with your earnings by email. To get started, you need to fill out the application form on the official website and make sure you send the proper information before getting verified.

Why It’s Profitable To Work With Toys R Us

Collaborating with Toys R Us is a great choice for anyone. If you own a website, you can practically turn your site into a toy store! If you know any parents that would enjoy the benefits of exciting new deals on toys and baby items, you can direct them straight to the popular toy store and gain earnings instantly! Good news - if you don't own a toy store already (or a similar web page), Toys R Us allows you to create it in no time. Although the commission rates vary, the cookie duration is 5 hours and this gives the user plenty of time to buy after he is referred to the Toys R Us official website.

Toys R Us Target Audience

For generations, Toys R Us has been the go-to resource for finding children’s toys and products. The company services individuals all across the country despite age and background. Although the popular supplier does not limit their reach, they do have a special interest in a certain audience that proves to be the most profitable. This group also benefits from the goods and services Toys R Us has the provide. Toys R Us has targeted their marketing strategies to attract the attention of single and married mothers between the ages 25 – 45 years of age. This group is employed making at least $50k each year in household income. They have an interest in providing the newest and best product for their child, enabling them to continue managing the household where everyone is satisfied.

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