About Skype

Skype Affiliate Program is a free registration affiliate program that allows online site owners, internet developers; online entrepreneurs and webmasters earn money through promotion of Skype. When you join as an affiliate, you can receive a commission on the Skype product order placed by the customer you have successfully referred to Skype.
There are 4 very easy steps to sign up and start earning commissions via Skype Affiliate Program
Step 1: Open this link on your browser: http://affiliates.skype.com/join/ and scroll down to find your suitable location, and then choose your network partner.
Step 2: You will be sent to another page in which you will fill in with your details as part of the sign up process.
Step 3: In your website, you can now place networking links to Skype.com. This will send potential Skype customers. If they buy one of Skype’s eligible products, you will earn a commission.
Step 4: Enhance links to surge up sales. You can do this by updating your websites with more relevant contents, keyword rich articles and other SEO methods to boost clicks that would eventually turn out to more sales. More sales coming from your referrals mean more commission on your part.