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The network of partner programs Unilead is represented by the mobile advertising agency with the same name, which is engaged in promotion of mobile applications and solving marketing tasks of the client. Unilead has an office in Moscow and Singapore. The network has been working since 2012. The main subject for the work of a webmaster is the promotion of mobile applications (with payment for installations). Monthly the network generates up to 500 thousand units.

Types of traffic and features of working with the network

  • All limitations of the offers are indicated in the descriptions of the specific offers. Unilead considers inappropriate content in the form of adult-traffic, spam, incent traffic to the offers. An advertiser who places an offer, reserves the right to block a separate type of traffic, which will be indicated on his page.
  • In Unilead there are offsets for local and international traffic - the site accepts traffic from Russia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • Like in other download-sets, Unilead installs cap-limits on the number of paid installations for any of the off-sites. After the webmaster has exhausted the limit on the settings, his link will lead to an error page.
  • Applications for connection to the show are usually considered within 1 business day.
  • Payments to webmasters occur on the principle of NET30: that is, every 30th of the month following the reporting period. Impossibility to order a payment early.
  • Depending on the chosen method of withdrawing funds, the minimum amounts vary: WebMoney (only WMZ-purses) - 50 USD, Payoneer and PayPal - 100 USD, Bank Wire - 100 USD (provided that the webmaster is a legal entity and has previously concluded a cooperation agreement with Unilead ).
  • Hold is 30 days.

In Unilead, as a rule, average and high deductions for offers, analogues of which you can find on other sites, but with a lower rate. Therefore, it is profitable to work with this system.

Tools to drive traffic

The webmaster is available various tools and promo-materials: static and animated banners, partner links, a rotator of banners and other advertising materials, you can create a subaccount with a GEO targeting setting, use API codes. Unileads also have domain parking and hosting services. Advertising materials are updated promptly, you can create your own creatives, but in most cases, before using, you must first approve them with the advertiser.

To advertise a mobile application, for example, you can use Native Ads - advertising embedded in the content of the resource (CTR: 3%), Interstitials - the material that instantly opens to the full screen (CTR: 5%), Rich media banner - a banner that leads to the page Installing the application (CTR: 2%), Click to video Ads - banner advertising, directing to mobile app advertising (CTR: 2%), Appwall - advertising for mobile devices as a list of popular applications (CTR: 6%). There are 5 advertising formats that guarantee the convergence of your traffic and work in general.

Advantages of working with the network

  • Unilead has a good reputation, this system is recommended by webmasters and advertisers (among the clients of Unilead are large companies like Yandex,,, Yandex.Taxi, OLX and others).
  • Thanks to Post Install Optimization there is a guarantee of 100% of the result and the absence of risks.
  • In Unilead a wide selection of offers - from popular novelties to exclusive offers.
  • There are several ways to withdraw funds - choose the most convenient: WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire.
  • A personal manager can work with a webmaster.

API and flexible integration.

The cost of the lead depends on the source and geo-targeting of the traffic: if the traffic is foreign, for a fee, on average, 2-3 USD, if domestic - 1.5-2 USD. Approximate income from the site on which you place advertising, can be up to 28 thousand RUB, if its attendance exceeds 1000 unique visitors per day.

There is a referral program - a new member of the system brings the webmaster 3% of his income.

To regular partners the network provides a discount for placement of targeted advertising in VKontakte (15%).

Statistics, analytics and support

The system of statistics can be trusted: it is reliable, it works without failures. Just like the 24-hour support system - you can get advice or technical help 24/7. Statistics are displayed in real time.


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