About Woot

Woot is an online electronics retailer headquartered in Carrollton, Texas in the greater Dallas area. This company was founded online by Matt Rutledge in 2004 who offered an exclusive deal each day. These deals would mostly be computer hardware or an electronic device. Years later, in 2010, Rutledge extended the online inventory to include items like t-shirts, household goods, children’s items, and wine.

Woot Offers

Shortly after becoming a public online business, Woot created a popular deal which gave two-packs of products each Tuesday. After noticing great success, the deal extended to 3-for-Tuesday, 4-for-4uesday, 5-for-Tue5day, 6-for-Tue6day, 10X-Tuesday, 12-for-Tu12day, Two Dozen Tuesday, and Three Dozen Tuesday. This deal continued until the brand later made the decision to end the promotions while improving the quality of the products sold.

How To Start Earning Money With Woot

Woot desires to see their visitors improve in their professional lives. In response to their deep affection in servicing others, they have created the Woot Affiliate Program that enables visitors to become ‘Minions’ that receive incentive for driving traffic to the Woot.com through affiliate marketing. This greatly benefits bloggers that enjoy talking about the latest and greatest products to hit the market. Woot offers exclusive links to share with readers for amazing discounts on their favourite items. The best part is, customers control how much they want to make. It is as easy as that!

All you have to do is navigate to their affiliate program page, fill out the necessary info about your website, business and account and wait for their approval.

Why It’s Profitable To Work With Woot

Working with Woot.com is always a great idea for small business and brands alike. When pairing up with a successful brand like Woot, businesses are given deals that are hidden from the public. That means that customers have exclusive and unlimited access to amazing opportunities to help their social following improve the quality of life. Commission vary from 2% for electronics and computers to 4% for everything else. On top of all this, Woot brag about their affiliate program and say it is the 'best in the world'.

Woot Target Audience

Woot.com has services thousands of visitors all over the world. Woot has used various resources in its marketing tactics such as blogs, podcasts, and social media. Woot got its start spreading the word on Twitter and by an iPhone application. This brand has always included humour in its language. According to CEO Matt Rutledge, these marketing methods attempted is to catch the attention of the Millennial age bracket of 18-35 years.

He believes this group is best for its ability to engage on various online platforms including social media and e-commerce sites like Woot.com. This group is more willing to spend on the brands they love best that offers the best quality. Millennials are also a generation that uses technology for their benefit. With an online company like Moot.com, this target group can best take advantage of the extensive inventory, deals and discounts, and affiliate program opportunities. They can also improve the business by leaving positive reviews on their recent experience. In this way, other internet users will be encouraged to make purchases and eventually become loyal customers.

Woot Offers
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